Free: Ariana Grande, Victorious Cast and Friends fun in Orlando Summer 2012.

(Some aren’t that rare, and some are leaked here for the first time)

Day 16: a guest star from Victorious you think could’ve worked
Jade West in Sam and Cat | “Beck called. He wants you to come home.”

” Now tell me, how are you managing to type with hooves? Pardon my ignorance, i’ve just never spoken to a unicorn before. ” - Liz Gillies

Ari: Hey, you guys! It's me, Liz Gillies.
Liz: And me, Ariana Grande.
Ari: And we are gonna sing...
Liz: Give it up.


Hallway Anthems: Liz and Ariana

Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande belt out some tunes, just for you!

the best of liz in her


Liz & Mike sing OK. This is so beautiful.